Nov 20

Make Vegan, food without meat when Holiday Feast

When the holidays usually always come together serves the best menu for people to enjoy and create memories together. Events such as Christmas, Hallowen, Thanksgiving, and New Year is one of the many annual events waiting to be celebrated with family and loved ones.

cook-tofurky-partyHowever, apart from the fun and memories are made, this celebration also is a reason for us to come up with an excuse to splurge on foods that are rich and deviate from the usual healthy diet you follow.

Not everyone will consider the celebration without the meat is really interesting, especially for those who have a discrimination specific to vegan dishes, but today, because of a growing awareness of the importance of healthy eating and diet vegetarian. Meat substitute that has been made available on the market today, including Tofu Turkey (aka “Tofurky”), and meat substitute that allows for people to prepare a hearty feast holiday that both vegetarians, vegans and meat eaters alike will surely enjoy.

Here is a list of menu both simple and unusual way to present a wonderful vegan holiday feast:

Taking advantage of the different cuisines that focus on vegetarian food as part of the traditional diet. There are many variations to choose from such as Greek, Italian and Lebanese dishes and all are naturally vegetarian or vegan. If you are after a spicy variation, try eating traditional Indian or Sri Lanka for the holidays it offers a rich combination of great taste that will never make you miss the meat.

Choose from a wide selection of proteins that are on the market today. This vegetarian substitutes will allow you to come up with the most delicious dishes for your party. Soy foods like tofu or TVP (textured soy protein) works perfectly to replace pork and chicken at some of your favorite dishes. Tofu is a popular vegan ingredients and takes only a correct seasoning and flavor, to make sure that your guests will appreciate each served vegetarian dish. For special occasions, tofu and gluten it can also be used for vegan or vegetarian turkey dishes.

“Tofurkey” is already available and all you have to do is heat and serve. Of course, with a variety of meat substitutes vegan, you can spend a bit ‘without damaging the diet you follow.

With a wide selection of vegetarian food, you will never feel like you are running out of food the most fun to enjoy normally. Touch it with a little ‘of creativity and follow the simple vegan cookbooks that can be found these days and surely, you will find it easy to satisfy the taste of each guest.

You will never lose the satisfaction experienced during holiday celebrations, even if you are a vegetarian or vegan. With these basic tips, it is a simple vegan holiday celebration with a guarantee to create the best memories that will last a lifetime.