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Dec 30

Three Basic Cooking for the Vegetarian

For one of the many reasons people choose to eat vegetarian foods that have one thing in common is that everyone prefers food that tastes delicious and provides good nutrition and sufficient. There are some basic techniques to vegetarian cooking which will accomplish that. There are various vegetarian. From vegan to people who eat meat …

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Dec 21

Healthy Recipes Vegetarian Lasagna worth a try


Try cooking for a vegetarian diet and worried that there might not be a delicious recipe to satisfy your appetite? Well, you may be surprised to know that anything that you can cook with the meat can be cooked with vegetables. It even includes your favourite Italian dishes like pizza and pasta. So before you …

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Dec 20

Healthy Dinner Recipes For Vegetarian Lasagna


Does your family have been trying to find a healthy dinner recipes for vegetarians? Are your kids refer to healthy foods you cook them as’ seaweed? ” Well, you should know that there are examples of great recipes that are healthy and delicious to be attempted in the kitchen. Here for vegetarian lasagna recipe that …

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Dec 13

Preparing menu Garlic Mashed Potatoes


You want to prepare the recipe Garlic Mashed Potatoes that you enjoy at your favorite restaurant, but do not know where to start to achieve that wonderful and delightful flavor? There are various ways to make a recipe of garlic mashed potatoes you’ve ever tasted, but when it comes to which direction is good according …

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Dec 07

Choosing a Vegetarian Menu for a Christmas Party


Christmas celebration quickly approaching and as a much awaited vacation this year, the excitement will be even more contagious!. Christmas is really a special event and for many, the celebration would not be complete without preparing the most preferred holiday parties. Typically, special celebrations such as Christmas be the reason for people to overindulge and …

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Nov 27

Omega 3 from vegetarian and food supplements


Omega-3 fatty acids are essential important that EPA and DHA – found in certain fish. Omega-3 fats have a variety of health benefits associated with anti-inflammatory properties. The omega-3 comes in three forms: DHA, EPA and ALA. Apparently, Omega-3 fatty can help strengthen the brain, eyes and nervous system. Taken regularly, these nutrients can help …

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Nov 20

Make Vegan, food without meat when Holiday Feast

When the holidays usually always come together serves the best menu for people to enjoy and create memories together. Events such as Christmas, Hallowen, Thanksgiving, and New Year is one of the many annual events waiting to be celebrated with family and loved ones. However, apart from the fun and memories are made, this celebration …

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Nov 06

Chocolate Cake for Vegan

Fantastic cakes. This is a cake that is very simple, but very tasty and fantastic for the vegan. You can use rice flour or wheat flour other than wheat. You can also add chocolate chips and, or nuts. I did not tell anyone that it was vegan so they will not be prejudiced cake. They …

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