Monthly Archive: February 2017

Feb 22

Vegetarian Diet Can Help You Lose Weight

The root of obesity problem comes from the food we choose, not by the volume we eat. High-fats meals which consist mainly of animal-based foods are likely to be the main cause. Hear this from Dr Terry Shintain, a Hawaiian doctor who is devoted to helping obese adults slim down and lead healthier lives. He …

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Feb 13

Stop frying and use healthy cooking methods

Things have changed when it comes to food preparation. Both scientific studies and research have shown that fried foods are inherently unhealthy and can play a role in many diseases proximate modern. You can prepare food to be just as delicious as the food is fried. When you eat fried foods can stay in your …

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Feb 06

Low Calorie Brownie Recipes for the Vegetarian

Vegetarian, even those who follow a strict diet regimen “vegan” is often found ways to adapt recipes that take into account calories without meat menu. There are brownie recipes that they follow a regimen suitable for vegetarians (which allows the use of eggs and dairy products, such as “vegan” strict diet or not). If possible, …

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